I really should have started the Bert posts off with “A Fistful of Dollars” and had a good theme of westerns going. This whole project was supposed to be a simple project with just some rebuilding of cabinets and maybe some new outlets. Not a whole-freaking-rebuild from the frame up. Our whole reasoning for using an RV was to save time and money instead of buying an used shipping container and building inside of it. At this point we are going to be neck and neck for costs, though the portability of this RV will be much better than the container.

We left off last time with the final floor needing to be replaced and the wall to be cleaned up and (hopefully) just repaired some. Here is the update, some good, some bad.

Floor Completion

Finally, the floor is done! After the last pieces came out it became apparent that the floor joists were pretty badly damaged on the side under the living room window. It had leaked for a long time and the outer board (called the band) was not really even attached to two of the joists at all. After some deliberation (and a bit of swearing) I went ahead and pulled the aluminum outer skin off of the band board and began to cut it out from beyond the damage where I could hook  it to some of the sister boards I had put in previously.

Many thanks to the makers of sawzall blades that can cut through those hard screws that I use, as I was able to put in almost a full 8ft band board to replace the damaged on and was able to screw it to existing joists as well as the sister boards, making it much stronger than the original. I then removed almost half of the joists themselves and replaced the bad ends and made a repair joint to the new ends. The floor is much strong than it was previously, even with the repaired joists.

Wall Completion

After seeing the damage to the floor, I knew the wall had to come out almost entirely. The window was held in place by caulk and habit. It all had to come out and get replaced by new studs and new insulation. With the near constant rain we have been receiving it was a fun task to rip out the window, take apart the wall, rebuild the wall frame, and then get it all glued, caulked, and reassembled before the next storm hit. Thankfully it held off for a day (though it looked gloomy all day) and the work was able to be completed. The second morning (after it stopped raining for a couple hours) the window was set in place and the wall was water tight again.


Window Back in Place

After the wall was done it was time to get the window in and water tight. The reason the floor was rotten in the first place was because of poor window sealing (they had duct tape on the window, no kidding).


After we get the interior caught up the windows will get cleaned up and painted, possibly replace a few of those older style windows that don’t seal very well. We shall see… it is only money, right?


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