Day 2

Well, the initial shock is over after finding so much water damage. I spent a couple hours in the evenings finding all of the ‘bad spots’ and trying to mark them for future replacement, only to find that the floor was also heavily sagged in multiple spots with the insulation badly water damaged with some mold growth. That pretty well sealed the plan of replacing all of the floor in the front half of the trailer and then rebuilding the wall on the port side (passengers side for non-sailors/aviators).

Wanting to tackle something small, yet useful, I grabbed out the welder and fixed the step by the front door. I was going to put a couple of short seam welds, and just got into a nice groove and ended up doing both sides full length. If anything is left of this trailer after a tornado, it will be those steps.

Welded the broken front step

Welded the broken front step

The 2nd day of real work was on a lunch hour after all of the insulation and flooring had been removed from the very front board. The front floor had been covered in some cheap sheathing, and boy was it thin.



This gave us a good work are to stage from, as the rest of the floor was almost all as rotten as the front. Any misstep would have sent us through a good portion of the flooring and through the aluminum skin on the bottom.

Day 3

Now that the front had a good floor, we could get rid of this mess and get into the rest of the room.

But first, we had to do a Lowe’s run and it was Lily’s first time!

Car rides?! I LOVE car rides! Oh, the pup does too.

Sooo many new smells. Oooo, flooring!

Then it was back to work.

We were a bit tired at the end but it sure looked a lot better, and we didn’t have to worry about falling through anymore. Plus we now had a good handle on the mold that had cropped up. The floors were much better sealed and the holes are fixed in the bottom sheathing.

We also pulled out the window that was badly leaking and found a lot of other damage in the wall. That all has to be replaced when we get a get done with the floor.

In all, lots got done, but still lots to do. I think I would have rather started with a bare shell, but we are in too deep now. It isn’t that I terribly mind, since it gives me a chance to see the construction and get a good view of the good and bad parts, while also letting me dig into the wiring to see how well it is done (which it, thankfully, is in excellent condition with none of the exposed connectors having gotten wet). At this point my plan is to pull all of the port wall down and pull all of the windows off and reseal them. This way I can run new 12v wiring into the new light fixtures and get some new switches in too. Other than the kitchen, I plan to pull the other 120v outlets out and put in 12v/5v versions in their general place. Since the end goal is to move to solar driven power it needs to be one of our goals to reduce the AC usage so that we can fit into a lower power usage profile, long term.

Till, next time, enjoy another day in paradise!


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